Around 1991, a unexplainable new medical phenomenon occurred, mostly in the U.S. Studies found that people¹s heads were actually shrinking. After painstaking research and experimentation on selected test subjects, I made a dazzling discovery. It was due to the overconsumption of bad culture, video games, drugs, fast food, religion and TV. Just as I had suspected.

So many people had begun suffering from this freak disease that I was recruited by F.A.R.T. (the Free Artists¹ Reconstruction Team) in 2001 to start a clinic to treat these people and further his studies and research toward the prevention and treatment of this widespread, deadly disease.

Since its inception, the clinic has had a 90% success rate in curing patients, getting their heads back to normal size and their brains working at full functional capacity.


Mitch Kinney, founder of the Shrunken Head Repair Clinic, is a graphic designer, musician, voice actor and well-rounded creative force. He has worked for leading advertising agencies and designed CD cover packages for bands worldwide. His work has appeared in magazines including MDN Magazine (Japan), Shift Japan, Bak (Brazil), and Layers (US). In 2006, my personal website, fluxdesignworks.com, was included in HOW magazine’s online list of the top 10 creative websites. He can be reached at pizza.for.cat@gmail.com.


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